iPhone 8 Plus release date and price

The iPhone 8 Plus is going to be the far more palatable choice for those looking to spend a ‘normal’ amount on a larger-screened device. Apple has confirmed that the iPhone 8 Plus price will start at $799 ( (£799, AU$1,229). That’s for the starting 64GB version, but we don’t yet know how much the larger 256GB variant will be.

In terms of the iPhone 8 Plus release date, we’re looking at it being available for pre-order from September 15 around the world, with an actual on-shelf date of September 22.

Is bigger better?

In our opinion this is a far better choice than the iPhone 8, with the larger body offering more screen real estate, as well improving the battery life by dint of, well, just making more space to cram one in.

The design is similar to previous iPhones, with the rolling back curving into the hand, allowing it to feel as premium as the cost suggests. Make no mistake – although it’s cheaper than the iPhone X, the 8 Plus is still a pricey unit, and needs careful consideration against the smaller model as a result.

It has the same power under the hood in the shape of the improved A11 chipset, as well as the same 12MP camera bolted on the back. This has two sensors, just like the iPhone 7 Plus from last year, and a telephoto lens that’s capable of zooming in closer to the action without any loss of image quality.

However, that camera is what makes the difference, because it can use the Portrait Lighting mode, as seen in the iPhone X, which is a really neat feature.

The way it can work out who the subject of the photo is, and can dynamically light the image in so many ways, is really nice to look at.

The ability to lighten and darken things subtly, or create a stark background, is unlike anything we’ve seen on a phone.

When we tried it out, the ‘cutting out’ in the stage light mode, where it darkens out the background, was a little stark – but zooming in, it was really impressive to see how it detected the subject’s hair so easily.

This is going to be a great feature for iPhone users, and a real reason to go for the phablet.